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I started seeing Dr. Nate for chiropractic adjustments, but trying to get through the ups and downs of a very trying time in my life, including training for a full marathon, I know I needed more focus on a total body balance.

During our sessions all aspects were addressed, physical, mental, and emotional. WHAT A GAME CHANGER! Even through a few "set-backs" I learned how to embrace the experience and allow the process to help heal and appreciate the method.

It helped control and release stress and anxiety, along with reaching a point of becoming proactive rather than reactive to life's constant hurdles. In addition, seeing Dr. Nate regularly, resulted in going the longest time span without experiencing debilitating migraines.

I highly recommend Dr. Nate and his approach. I've found our sessions very necessary to maintain total wellness.

Thank you Dr. Nate!

Patti Heredia

First off let me say THANK YOU for all that you do. I really appreciate having met you and I believe you came at the perfect time. You are so knowledgeable and intuitive and my sessions with you have been profound – and more than I ever could have expected. You brought back my "frozen shoulder" to full range of motion in 6 sessions – something that no one else had even been able to touch.

Again, I am so grateful that I met you and that you are my first Doctor that I will check in with.


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The Harmony Approach focuses primarily on helping the nervous system better adapt to stress and allow the body to better heal itself.

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